[Catching Waves]
- keep head still
- algin head, shoulders and hips with the mental center rod
- rotate around rod slightly to remain balanced laterally
- keep elbow high when about to enter water
- enter high and stay high
- quiet entry, finger tips first
- keep hand and forearm in a vertical position from the start of stroke
- deep catch over the barrel drill
- Slight roll from rail to rail

- recovery arm is led by elbow instead of hand

- prevent drag from hand
- increate stroke power
- kicking to raise the lower body to reduce moving resistance
- dropping head down, put pressure on chest area

- dropping the head brings the body and board more parallel to the surface thus reducing resistance

- drop head during the time you need the most acceleration
- Heavy/Steep Drop
- Take off
- fluid one movement take off. Plant feet super quick.
- Weight the inside hang on the deck. Lean your body into the wave. Optional for grabing the rail
- Stay compressed longer than normal
- get down the wave with inside rail, no air under board, adding extra pressure on your toes (front side)

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